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Also known as the 38 Colt Special, and more generally, as simply the 38 Special, this cartridge was developed by S&W and introduced with its Military & Police Model revolver in 1902.  This was originally a military cartridge meant to replace the unsatisfactory 38 Long Colt then in use by the Army.


The 38 Special is considered one of the best-balanced, all-round handgun cartridges ever designed.  It is also one of the most accurate and is very widely used for match shooting.  Any 357 Magnum revolver will also shoot the 38 Special.  At one time, it was the standard police cartridge here and largely in Mexico and Canada.  It is also usable in lightweight pocket revolvers.  Because of the moderate recoil, the average person can learn to shoot well with it in a short time, something not true of the 357 or 44 Magnums. 

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custom loaded 38 special ammo
38 Special 158 gr Hornady XTP Rippers
Our Price: $19.00

Big Bear Firepower Ripper Ammunition 38 Special 158 Grain Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) Bullets Box of 20
38 Special hand loaded ammo - custom loads
38 Special 125 gr Montana Gold HP, Box of 50
Our Price: $26.50

38 Special 125 gr Montana Gold Bullet HP, Box of 50

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