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Our custom ammo line is match quality to your needs. We use the finest bullets and casing available to maximize the ballistic capabilities of your firearm.

This ammunition is made to order to your exact requirements: Max power, max accuracy, sub-sonic, match grade bullet choices, match brass, etc. All custom ammo conforms to SAAMI and CIP standards. Anything within the limits of safety can be made.

Each of our cartridges are hand loaded on a single press so each round is exactly like the one before it, giving the shooter unmatched consistency from shot to shot.

We have access to rare, obsolete, and wildcat brass to meet most shooters needs.

Additionally, we can provide a sample pack with various bullets and loads for you to determine what works best in your rifle or handgun.

We would be happy to discuss your ammunition needs.

All of our Custom ammunition comes packaged in hard cases with complete technical ballistics data for each bullet type loaded: including approximate muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficients, and bullet drop over distance graph.

Please contact us with your custom load requirements for additional information


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300 H&H Mag Custom
Our Price: $78.20

300 Holland and Holland Magnum with Nosler 200gr Partition Spitzer bullet

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