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Custom Ammunition made in the USAAmmo made in montana - custom ammunition
Ammunition made in montana, online ammo

Big Bear Firepower will stand beside our fellow firearms and ammunition manufacturers in the fight against any new firearms legislation that imposes gun control on law abiding citizens.

Will no longer sell ammunition to any State or Federal Agency.

Big Bear Firepower is located in beautiful North West Montana. We are a fully licensed Federal Firearms (FFL) Class 01 Firearms Dealer, a Class 3 SOT Dealer, Class 06 Ammunition Manufacturer, and Class 07 Firearms Manufacturer.

All of our ammunition is hand loaded and hand inspected by our staff on Dillon Super 1050 loading machines. Our high quality ammunition is of match quality and is intended for use by demanding sportsmen, law enforcement, and individuals in need of reliable highly accurate defense ammunition. The bullets used in our ammunition are made for us by top American companies, such as Hornady, Remington, Barnes, and locally produced Montana Gold and Rim Rock Bullets.

Each of the product components are selected to optimized for accuracy and reliability through field and ballistic testing. This process ensures we provide the best round of ammunition to our customers.

We are currently producing ammunition in 223 Remington, 25-35, 308, 45-70, 458 SOCOM, 32 ACP, 380 Auto, 9 mm Luger, 38 ACP, 38 Special, 38 Super, 357 Magnum, 40 S&W, 10mm, 41 Magnum, 44 Special, 44 Magnum, 445 Super Mag, 45 Auto (ACP), 45 Colt (45 Long Colt), 454 Casull, 50 AE, 50 Beowulf, and 500 S&W.

Our ammunition is an excellent choice for everyday use at the range, training, and competition. All of our products and ammunition is made with 100% American made components.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and assembled in Montana by our veteran owned small business.

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